Side Projects


Side Projects

These are more like passion projects. Ideas come and go... The good ones end up being sketched and maybe mocked up. Some of them even see the light of day. Here's a collection of crazy/interesting ideas that I've pursued on my own or with friends. 


memento app (2014)

What if you could take a picture or video and send it to your self in the future? That was the idea behind Memento, a simple app that would take content captured in a moment on your mobile device and send it to back to you or friends later in the future. Once you send it off, the content no longer lives on your device. The only way to relive it is for it to come back to you at a later time.

It's kind of a message in a bottle that might just float back your way later on. It's a nice way to remember something with friends.


Garlic (2015)

Garlic is a Chrome plug-in that creates a small stop gap in between you and those websites you might access that just suck up your productive time. The name was derived from garlic being something that keeps vampires away. In this case, the plug-in keeps those pesky energy vampires at bay so you can go get some work done. 


Daily GOals (2014)

Daily Goals was a simple, minimal, to-do list/project tracker/whatever-list that you could share with your friends, family, or team. I did the interface and interaction design with two developer friends. 

Strong Water Logo

Strong water coffee (2016)

This is a relatively secret project that I'm working on right now that involves cold-coffee samples of various beans that I bottle and ship to a group of select tasters. The underlying idea is for people to taste and rate varieties from different areas of the world in an effort to find coffee that suits their particular tastes. All of the data is compiled and shared with the group.

I'm working on a lot of stuff behind the scenes at the moment so you'll have to check back later if you want to know more!