One Story

One Story Productions redesign project.

One Story Productions Website (2014)

One Story Productions Website (2014)


One Story Productions

Freelance Project

Responsive Web Design
Information Architecture
HTML/CSS Development


One Story Productions creates compelling films for nonprofits, foundations and companies of all sizes who are changing their communities through their efforts, products and services. As a freelance project, I helped them redesign their existing Wordpress site.

The company based in Austin Texas and is owned and operated by a good friend of mine: Aaron Weiss. They exist to help their clients tell the stories about their businesses and initiatives through videos. Many of their clients are non-profits but their portfolio holds a wide range of industries they have worked with.

New clients typically came from word of mouth referrals and marketing themselves online with their website. However their old website wasn’t telling a "good story" about how they could help prospective clients, and was also difficult to use due to technical limitations.

In late 2013 One Story had completed a large project for the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, or UNESCO. This was the type of project that would certainly help get the attention of prospective clients. The old website couldn’t accommodate the scope and size of this project. So they set out to create a new web experience for their company.

I helped Aaron create a new online experience through his website that showcased his ability and projects he had completed.